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About Us

Danny Puig is the founder of At Home In Cuba and has lived in Cuba all his life. With over six years of experience in leading visitors around the island, he loves to create bespoke tours which showcase the best that Cuba has to offer. Danny is fluent in English and has extensive and personal links in every major location. He is the perfect person to help you discover the authentic Cuba.

I have been leading tours around the island for years now, and I know that the most incredible memories are made when you step off the beaten path and into the true heart of the country you’re visiting. I want to create experiences where my guests leave the island knowing they’ve had a taste of true Cuban culture and life. That’s what being at home in Cuba is all about.

Cuba is a complex, fascinating place. Have a read of our blog to find out about our life in Cuba.  Our blog will be updated regularly with stories and observations about how it really works here – the things you won’t read in tourist magazines. You can follow our Instagram for interesting people, pictures and places, alongside the things we see and do. We welcome all comments and feedback whether it’s through our blog, through our site or through social media – get in touch!

Contact details:

  Phone:+53 52470755

   Email: info@athomeincuba.com