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Welcome to the first blog from At Home in Cuba! We are so glad you’re here.

Welcome to the first blog from At Home in Cuba! We are so glad you’re here.

For our very first blog, it seems to make sense to tell the story of how and why At Home in Cuba was created.

Cuba is a complex, fascinating place which tourists have been enjoying for over a decade now. This tourism brings much-needed revenue to the island and we welcome foreigners.

However, over the years, we have realized that the best trips to Cuba and the most incredible memories, are made when you step off the beaten track and into the unknown, places untouched by huge tour buses, and getting to meet people who aren’t being friendly because they want your tourist dollars, but because they are genuinely proud of their homes or their food or their environment and think that you can learn from it. And to be able to do that in Cuba is not easy. You need a guide who is knowledgeable, conscientious, well-connected and interested in meeting your needs. That is the service we offer; that is what At Home in Cuba is all about.

Have a read of our blog to find out about our life in Cuba.  We want to celebrate life in this wonderful place, whilst representing the real experience of life here. Our blog will be updated regularly with stories and observations about how it really works here – the things you won’t read in tourist magazines. You can follow our Instagram for interesting people, pictures and places, alongside the things we see and do. We welcome all comments and feedback whether it’s through our blog, through our site or through social media – get in touch!

We can’t wait to hear from you and to welcome you to Cuba.

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