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Why choose us?


Our visitors gain access to places and people in Cuba that would be impossible without our personal connections. These sorts of experiences in Cuba can’t be booked online; only the extensive links of an experienced guide can make them happen! What’s more, we stay connected with you from the very first contact, to ensure that we deliver a tailor-made Cuban adventure.


We represent sustainable, responsible tourism that benefits Cuban people as well as delivering an unforgettable experience to travellers. We can help you to meet the requirements of the Support for Cuban People visa and ensure that your trip here benefits the community.


You’ll communicate with the very people leading your trip, so you know exactly what to expect and who you are dealing with. Cuba is a step into the unknown, so we work to ensure that you are given all the information you need before travelling here, by keeping in regular contact with you and answering your questions directly.

We can’t wait to hear from you and to welcome you to Cuba.

Contact details:

  Phone:+53 52470755

   Email: info@athomeincuba.com